TOGAF Is the fastest growing adopted framework for enterprise architecture. Thousands of people per year are getting TOGAF certified (50,000+ to-date worldwide) and it has become the standard for enterprise architecture practices around the world.

We have been actively involved with applying TOGAF since 2006 (TOGAF version 7) and have helped numerous organizations adopt & implement enterprise architecture TOGAF. The purpose of this section is to share some of our experiences with enterprise architecture TOGAF, give people some tips and share our lessons learned.



    TOGAF Background - Management of TOGAF itself

To begin with, TOGAF has an excellent pedigree. The Open Group, creator of TOGAF, is a well established global consortium which exists from 1996 - meaning that it has been around for quite some time now. More than 400 organizations support it, and these include enterprise architecture tools vendors, government agencies, general IT vendors, consulting groups and many leading commercial organizations.

An Open Group Child
The Open Group offers various certifications, but TOGAF remains one of the most popular. The Open Group Architecture Forum consists of over 200 Enterprises, and together they are working to improve TOGAF - through maintenance improvements such as the 9.1 release and the upcoming version 10 - which is in development. So, there's strong support for TOGAF and that isn't going to change anytime soon.

Besides sponsorship and corporate support, there's an increasing number of individuals who have obtained TOGAF certification. In total, there's 45000+ TOGAF certifications. This is a really impressive number, and it's still rising.

Management of TOGAF Isn’t perfect
TOGAF isn’t perfect and there are rooms for improvements. Examples include:
Comparing to other professional disciplines - for instance, lawyers, doctors, and building architects - the time required to master TOGAF and pass the exam is very short. There are complaints about the persons who don't know anything about Enterprise Architecture, but are certified to run TOGAF training courses. The Open Group continues to improve the certification approach and criteria.
Also, TOGAF exam itself seems to be directed at testing how well can a person remember the TOGAF rules, instead of requiring to understand its concepts and the practical side of Enterprise Architecture.
Then there is the TOGAF content. It's extremely difficult to keep everything up-to-date as the subject matter is always changing and improving. Keeping things up-to-date becomes even harder when there's a community of people with diverse viewpoints and priorities. Essentially the management of the framework itself and it’s content is not agile. Look how long is has been since TOGAF 9.1
As a result, some TOGAF documents are a bit outdated, and some lack details. Also, some of the newest practices and techniques are not yet covered by TOGAF.

Here to Stay
It seems really unlikely that anything could usurp TOGAF, the world wide adoption has made it the most popular EA framework by far. It is a complete framework with a well established & accessible certification process. There are also lots of enterprise architecture tools with support for TOGAF they are sometimes able to fill some of the gaps or imperfections.. Yes, is still room for improvements as we have shown earlier in this article but isn’t that with everything. Also some of these ’room for improvements’ are actually driven not by gaps or issues with TOGAF but are driven by a changing world.

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