TOGAF Is the fastest growing adopted framework for enterprise architecture. Thousands of people per year are getting TOGAF certified (50,000+ to-date worldwide) and it has become the standard for enterprise architecture practices around the world.

We have been actively involved with applying TOGAF since 2006 (TOGAF version 7) and have helped numerous organizations adopt & implement enterprise architecture TOGAF. The purpose of this section is to share some of our experiences with enterprise architecture TOGAF, give people some tips and share our lessons learned.



    TOGAF and Archimate

TOGAF and ArchiMate, if used together, can make the life of an Enterprise Architect a lot easier. But how exactly are these enterprise architecture tools connected other than both being the products of OpenGroup?

TOGAF and ArchiMate are open standards created by the OpenGroup. Both standards are quite generic and need to be tailored to specific circumstances and companies.

Both would be considered enterprise architecture tools but not in the sense of being an enterprise architecture software tool. They will provide great starting points for an effective implementation of enterprise architecture, the key to success remains proper embedding of EA standards and tools in the company. Standards should be tailored and tools should be configured in order to fit properly. The idea behind the ArchiMate was the creation of a modeling language for consistent modeling of cross-domain relationships.

Comparing TOGAF and ArchiMate
TOGAF and ArchiMate are a powerful combination. When it comes to EA implementation, often there's a need to present a single item in various ways. That's where ArchiMate steps in with creation of different viewpoints. There are some similarities between TOGAF and ArchiMate:

TOGAF divides Enterprise Architecture into three unique domains.

• Business
• Application/Data
• Technology

ArchiMate has the same approach in which the three domains are seen as three different but mutually dependent layers.

TOGAF has defined Architecture Content Framework (ACF). This framework defines the core metamodel that needs to be addressed in implementations of TOGAF. In different stages of Architecture Development Method (ADM) different items (diagrams, catalogs, matrices) need to be produced. The metamodel defined by ACF provides a formal structure for all items created during the stages of ADM.

ArchiMate has a somewhat different way of portraying similar content. In ArchiMate, there are separate metamodels for Business, Technology and Application layers and a different arrangement of interaction diagrams between Application-Technology layers and Business-Application layers.

The standard ArchiMate concepts provide graphics that show the different elements of architecture framework. These elements incorporate Actors, Roles, Functions, Services, Collaborations, Processes etc.

Both ArchiMate and TOGAF ACF define the diverse elements involved and the connections between the elements in their respective metamodels. There's one key difference between these enterprise architecture software tools. ArchiMate has the modelling notation which adds value to TOGAF. The TOGAF ACF can be done with ArchiMate notation, meaning that different viewpoints needed by TOGAF can be made utilizing ArchiMate notation.

After reading these paragraphs one would normally ask the following question - why wouldn't we just replace TOGAF ACF with ArchiMate, as it does the same as ACF and even more?

This isn't possible due to limited viewpoints of ArchiMate. TOGAF scope can be much wider than what can be achieved with ArchiMate. Per example, TOGAF Stage E: Opportunities and Solutions phase cannot be done with ArchiMate. Simply put, not all viewpoints can be accomplished with ArchiMate notation. However like any framework or tool also Archimate can be extended to cover those gaps. General concensus in the industry is that both TOGAF and Archimate eventually will be fully aligned on this.

With powerful visualization abilities provided by ArchiMate, almost all stages of TOGAF implementation are easier and more effective.

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Enterprise Architecture Software using TOGAF

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