TOGAF Is the fastest growing adopted framework for enterprise architecture. Thousands of people per year are getting TOGAF certified (50,000+ to-date worldwide) and it has become the standard for enterprise architecture practices around the world.

We have been actively involved with applying TOGAF since 2006 (TOGAF version 7) and have helped numerous organizations adopt & implement enterprise architecture TOGAF. The purpose of this section is to share some of our experiences with enterprise architecture TOGAF, give people some tips and share our lessons learned.



    Business Architecture inside TOGAF

TOGAF doesn't explicitly include Business Capability as part of the Business Architecture phase, it does recognize capabilities within an architectural context.

TOGAF includeS Functional Decomposition which is described as:

"The purpose of the functional decomposition diagram is to show on a single page the capabilities of an organization that are relevant to the consideration of an architecture. By examining the capabilities of an organization from a functional perspective, it is possible to quickly develop models of what the organization does without being dragged into an extended debate on how the organization does it. Once a basic functional decomposition diagram has been developed, it becomes possible to layer heat-maps on top of this diagram to show scope and decisions."

TOGAF is somewhat restrictive when dealing with the Business Architecture side and recommend tailoring the TOGAF framework to expand & include some concepts that are part of a Business Architecture practice as defined by BIZBOK. I have found the following replacements/additions useful, when starting to develop Business Architecture;

BIZOK Business Architecture -> TOGAF

capability map -> Business service/function catalog, business footprint diagram, functional decomposition diagram

Value Map -> Business processes, business services, process flow diagram, process/event/control/product catalog, business interaction matrix, product lifecycle diagram, goal/objective/service diagram, business use-case diagram, event diagram

Business Information Map ->Business data model, business service/information diagram

Performance Measurement -> Contract/measure catalog



keywords: TOGAF, BIZOK, Business Architecture, Business Capabilities

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