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    Enterprise Architecture Trends for 2016
Enterprise Architecture Trends 2016

Digital business is changing business models, value exchange and relationships between
people, companies, and things. Enterprise architects need to understand the technology trends
in order to drive the change and lead their companies into the future of digital business. Thus,
we present you the list of Enterprise Architecture (EA) Trends for 2016 as well as predictions
for the next two years.

Strategic Planning Assumptions and EA Trends in 2016

1. By 2018, 40% of EA teams will be recognized as leaders by their main focus on
disruptive technologies application to drive business innovation.

A recent survey of companies with existing enterprise architecture program found that the No.
1 priority for Enterprise Architects in 2016 is technology innovation. Leading companies use
EA to recognize, evaluate, and recommend how to resolve problems with disruptive
technology. The best enterprise architects are used to extract business value from disruptive
technologies by figuring out the impacts and creating transformation roadmaps.

2. By 2018, 40% of EA teams will be in charge of creating the company's digital business

In many companies, enterprise architects often hold leading positions in the implementation
of the digital business strategy. Actually, 70% of enterprise architects said that they are
responsible and/or accountable for the success of their digital business strategy over the
following two years. Digital business will not only add technology for optimization of
existing services and products but also brand new business models. EA practitioners will have
to become experts in technology, as well as the business model design.

3. By 2018, the new financial aspects of connections will drive companies to increase
investments in connected physical systems and resources by 30%.

The majority of companies is engaged in digital business today. By the end of 2016, 84% of
companies will add smart machines or Internet-connected objects to their business model.
With so many businesses actively working on their digital transformation, finding your
company's place under the digital sun becomes increasingly important. With the development
of Internet of Things, all kinds of strategies to increase the density of connections are

4. By 2018, 20% of EA teams will utilize business ecosystem modeling to predict and
recognize business moments.

With the opportunities to deliver value fleeting, it becomes important for enterprise architects
to predict and recognize when business moments happen. Over 29% of companies reported
that creating new business moments is their No. 1 or No. 2 priority. Predictive analytics will
become essential for recognizing business moments, particularly as the number of competitive
players rises. Use of business modeling to influence the impact of disruptive trends in their
companies has been reported by 58% of leading enterprise architects.

5. By 2017, 20% of EA teams will be in charge of recognizing new business designs that
influence business algorithms.

Application of algorithmic solutions is driving businesses to use completely innovative
business models to increase profits and reduce costs. Algorithms are used to sweep through
the tons of available data and find insights that probably couldn't be discovered otherwise.
Innovative application of algorithms will be characterized by services and products based
solely on sophisticated algorithms. It will become important for enterprise architects to follow
the market of algorithms and buy the right ones in order to improve their business.

These are the trends in enterprise architecture for 2016 alongside long term predictions and

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