Product Roadmap

Every year we publish our annual product roadmap. The process of creating the roadmap includes customer input using a survey that typically takes place every November preceding the next year. Via the survey customers can propose items for the roadmap as well as help prioritize items already identified. Please note that besides the annual roadmap process, which defines the larger product releases, customers can also submit enhancements requests throughout the year. We will do our best to include those requests within our existing release cycles.

We already have a full set of product features covering the EA spectrum, however there is always room for improvement and we are committed to keep pushing EAComposer as most complete and innovative Enterprise Architecture Tool.

Below is our 2019 roadmap but please note that these are just the highlights, we release dozens, hundreds smaller enhancements and improvements which are not included.

2019 Product Roadmap Major Releases (View all releases)

Innovative Enterprise Architecture Software

Why use EAComposer?

  • Enterprise architecture software that support all your enterprise architecture activities in a single repository and single platform.
  • Create application inventories, platform dependency matrices and other insights using EAComposer.
  • Support for team collaboration, real time notifications when people are making changes to the same content, always working on the same single source of truth.