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EAComposer was built from scratch as a 100% web-based solution for EA, using pure HTML5 and Javascript, no plugins required. We apply a true agile product development approach, our ability to release new features and functionality resulted in 20+ public releases in the past 12 months.

Delivered as a pure SaaS product: cloud hosted with a subscription based license model. This means no installs and you will automatically receive all our releases. Our motto is to focus on one thing and do that really well so you can focus on architecture.



    December 13th 2015 - Release 1.7
Product Release 1.7

We just released version 1.7

We worked hard to get this release out before the end of the year. The main new feature is that you can now seamlessly embed inside an existing portal or website. A lot of organizations have an existing knowledge or employee portal and with this release 1.7 you can seamlessly integrate with that.

We will be posting a video toturial on this topic shortly.

For people who can't wait this is essentially how it works:

1) Each section of eacomposer has a unique URL e.g. Frameworks is accessed via:

2) If you want to embed a section simply replace the "www" with "embed". So becomes

3) Using the 'embed' URL means that the EAComposer header/banner is hidden and also the left hand app menu is removed so you are left with the main content. Give it a try and enter for instance in your browser.

4) Now to embed this inside your existing website you simply put the eacomposer embed URL in an iframe inside the internal page you want to use. E.g.:

<iframe src="https://embed.eacomposer...mbed/dynamic.aspx?s=home" frameborder="0" width="700" height="700" id="eacomposerFrame"></iframe>

Note that the width and height of the iframe MUST be at least 700 pixels by 700 pixels.

If you are running into problems using the embedded mode please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Many thanks,
EAComposer Support Team

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