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EAComposer was built from scratch as a 100% web-based solution for EA, using pure HTML5 and Javascript, no plugins required. We apply a true agile product development approach, our ability to release new features and functionality resulted in 20+ public releases in the past 12 months.

Delivered as a pure SaaS product: cloud hosted with a subscription based license model. This means no installs and you will automatically receive all our releases. Our motto is to focus on one thing and do that really well so you can focus on architecture.



    Version 1.11 Product Release - EAComposer
EAComposer Product Release 1.11

We just released of version 1.11.

This is just a minor release with some housekeeping stuff, these were minor pieces of functionality but needed to get done because they should be part of the standard.
- added forgot-your-password feature
- added feature to change your name & email
- improved general usability of the "settings" area.

Like we said, nothing spectacular in this release but some basic stuff that we had on our housekeeping to do list.

What is great of course is that all these release are completely transparent to you. No upgrades needed, you automatically get all these updates.

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