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GARTNER: Enterprise architecture is the process of translating business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change by creating, communicating, and improving the key principles and models that describe the enterprise's future state and enable its evolution.

FORRESTER: Enterprise architecture consists of the vision, principles and standards that guide the purchase and deployment of technology within an enterprise.

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    December 21st 2016 - EAComposer 2017 Roadmap

Vancouver, British Colombia — December 21st 2016

WhiteCloud Software Ltd. announced the announce the release of the 2017 Roadmap for EAComposer. An innovative and simple-to-use enterprise architecture tool used it to manage your IT landscape and technology portfolio. Delivered as a pure SaaS product: cloud hosted with a subscription based license model.

Inline Help Enhancements: A priority for us (and hopefully this will be confirmed via this survey) is to increase Help functionality within the product. This enhancement will deliver inline context sensitive help which means Help related to the EAComposer feature section you are working in. This includes things like tips & hints and is often delivered using a tool-tip or popup like mechanism.

Visual Modeler Enhancements: The visual modeler is a key feature and we will continue to evolve this feature with major and minor enhancements. For the 2017 roadmap we have identified the following enhancements so far: when adding a component to a visual model, prompt the user to automatically draw relationships to any related components already in the model; enable searching for a specific component inside a model; and support for opacity on shapes.

Responsive Design Enhancements: Part of our ongoing usability improvements; improving the list views that exist across different feature sections of our product. e.g. list of architecture components, views & models, decisions, compliance assessments, standards etc. Enhancements include: improved responsive design (sizing/resizing of columns in lists depending on screen-sizes), exposing additional attributes and being able to filter & sort on any attribute).

Performance & Scalability Enhancements: We will be releasing various improvements which will significant impact the scalability and overall performance of EAComposer. We are also planning to add additional capacity in Asia / Australia and North / South America.

Reporting Enhancements: For 2017 we have recognized the need to: expand filtering for reports to only return results of a certain component type (e.g. when running an impact analysis report only return impacted 'applications'); and being able to generate a view of the results of a report.

File Management Enhancements: This roadmap item has a few distinct pieces. First it includes evolving the existing Artifacts Repository to a full featured Documents Repository (File Manager) where you can access all documents that have been uploaded and linked across the repository. Secondly we are expanding the ability to link documents to other areas of the solution (today linking a document is only possible in the Initiatives & Projects section). The final piece is to add the ability to preview a document without having to explicitly download it first.

User Security Enhancements: We have bundled a set of new features into a User Management Enhancement release. This includes: the ability to use an external SAML2.0 identity provider for login/sign-on (this will add Single Sign On to the solution for your users); adding support for LDAP groups which means that you can manage access by mapping LDAP groups to to EAComposer groups (Administrator, Author, Viewer).

REST Integration Layer: One of the missing pieces of EAcomposer is the availability of an API layer to update content in an automated way. For our 2017 roadmap we will fill this gap with a series of REST services that enable automated repository updates. A classic use case for this feature is leveraging a CMDB and keeping your EAComposer in sync via the REST integration layer. e.g. update existing components, add new components.

Collaboration Enhancements: We are planning to expand our workflow & collaboration functionality this coming year. A few of the other roadmap items will also, indirectly, contribute to this. This specific enhancement includes two pieces: First it includes the ability to assign ownership for an architecture component to an EAComposer user. Secondly it includes the ability to assign tasks to users. In order to support the second piece the EAComposer application roles will be expanding with a Manager role. A task list, completion of tasks/notifications are also part of the scope.

Note that the above are just the highlights. We continually release dozens of smaller enhancements & improvements using a full agile development method. And don’t forget that throughout the year you are able to submit your own specific needs which in many cases we have been able to accommodate within our release schedule, sometimes within a matter of weeks.

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